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Trend Forcast of 2021 Autumn & Winter Interior Space Color
Category: Expo News
Date: 2020-09-24
Author: CACFair

Faced with the accelerated development of digital life and uncertain future, people began to try to find the rules and direction of future development from the former history. For a time, collective nostalgia for classic art became the inspiration for the design and creation of fashion industry. Using modern aesthetic vision to re-examine the classic art and improve its design is also the key design points of interior design and soft decoration design. As a representative of the classical art style of European culture, Baroque abandoned the solemnity and implication of the classical plastic arts, and influenced the painting, architecture and interior space design of later generations with a vivid, passionate and unrestrained aesthetic form and color expression. In the latest release of coating color, an indoor paint brand from Finland used Baroque art as the background, chose several representative painters' works, drew inspiration from them and launched four new colors to interpret contemporary "Baroque" aesthetic concept.

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