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Forecast of 2021 Spring/Summer Interior Design Trends -- Coastal Vacation
Category: Expo News
Date: 2020-08-26
Author: CACFair


The lifestyle of pursuing freedom and being close to nature has become more and more popular. With the tourism industry under the influence of COVID-19, travel has not been on the agenda. In the post-epidemic era, consumers have confidence in travel, and the desire to travel again has helped them get through the quarantine period. People are spending the whole summer waiting for the situation to improve, therefore they are looking for interior design to provide a sense of escape from reality. Seaside style household products, hand-woven materials, immersive colors, etc. reproduce the feeling of seaside vacation in home environment and outdoor space, so that people can enjoy the joy brought by home vacation trend. Recently CACFair has introduced the forecast of 2021 Spring/Summer Lifestyle Trends -- Outdoor Living. Check out the popular interior design trends for spring/summer 2021 now!


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