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CACFair Wants to be Friends with You : )
Category: Expo News
Date: 2020-07-16
Author: CACFair

To present an instant communication platform for overseas buyers, CACFair now show on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn! In this passage, we would like to share with you the features and usage of these three platforms, and hope to have a deeper interation with you.

By following our Facebook, you can enjoy these service freely:

1. Buyer Service Group

After joining CACFair Buyer Service group, you can post your demands, questions, advice and problems in our group. We CACFair organizer and our group members will be happy to reach out a helping hand.

2. Instant Message Communication

Click Message and tell us what you need directly. We will be glad to answer your questions all the time.

3. Daily Post Recommendation
CACFair presents you with abundant product recommenations everyday! Lastest products, unique design, trending home decoration and industry news are all waiting for your attetion.

Following our Instagram, you can browse trending pictures conveniently:

1. Story Highlights
Just by clicking our logo, latest pics are presented to you in dynamic forms.

2. Feed Posts
We recommend 1 new product at least everyday for our buyers with pics and description. Besides, information about CACFair and buyer's service are also available on our Instagram feed.

CACFair Products of Unique Design

CACFair Buyer's Service

When you search some relevant keywords like "weaving", "home decoration", "fair" and "CACFair", you can see us in the list. Follow us and you can visit CACFair online showroom to get what you want!

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