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What should be done if the buyers cannot receive the email verification code?
Category: Expo News
Date: 2020-06-23
Author: CACFair

Recently, the online Canton Fair is in full swing and the foreign trade market has also released a message of continued improvement. According to feedback from some buyers, when registering at the Canton Fair online, there will be a problem that the verification code cannot be received. CACFair actively seeks solutions for overseas buyers and provides strong assistance for the development of cooperative enterprises.


What should be done if the buyers cannot receive the email verification code or the acquisition time expires when registering?

1. When the verification code cannot be received normally, you can:
(1) check if there is any email in spam mailbox;
(2) check whether it is intercepted.
(3) Outlook web version users can search for mail in the "Other" category in the mailbox and add trust for moving to the inbox.


2. The email verification code is valid for 30 minutes, it is better to wait; if you fail to receive the verification code after half an hour, please obtain it again or contact the customer service of the organizer.


3. The buyers who successfully received the verification code, but the acquisition time exceeds the valid time, can add trust to the email and apply for the verification code email again.

4. Pay attention to the accuracy of the mailbox filling and using active mailboxes. If the mailbox has not been used for a long time, or if the account is expired or frozen, it is impossible to check the mail normally.


5. For problems such as abnormal receipt of verification code emails, buyers or exhibitors can contact the organizer and provide the buyer's email address. The customer service will collect the abnormal email addresses in batches, using the help in the upper right corner  of email platform - online customer service / contacting the technical team for dispatch.

For more information, please continue to pay attention to【CACFair】Wechet official account. 
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